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Profit Up Expert Emporium 

Matching YOU to the Experts



Profit Up Expert Emporium features 18+ experts in sales, marketing, social media marketing, mindset, networking & time management to help you profit up! 




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 SLAM Networking

A Fun New Way To Network


Support, Learn, Accelerate, Monetize.

Networking got a facelift with prompts to create deeper connections and an incredible way to track and monetize your networking!






Profit Up Chuck Podcast

Listen, Laugh & Learn


Expert interviews using the SLAM Networking technique! It'll crack you up and you'll get to know the experts before they give you the goods! 

I want you to know, like, and trust the experts I bring on BEFORE they give you their expert advice! 




This August 14, 2021

Wendy Babcock will take the TEDx Stage in Fonddulac, WI, to present her idea worth sharing. 

As 2021 begins, the TEDxFondduLac team is excited to announce the planning of its fourth event, previously postponed from 2021! The event is set for August 14, 2021, with in-person, virtual, or both options being explored currently and announced when possible. Please continue to follow our website and social media for updates. For now, check out below for the speakers returning from 2020’s slate as well as some new faces!

TEDxFonddulac INFO

It's Me!

You found me!  Before I bore you with the professional mumbo-jumbo - here's who I REALLY am...

I'm a jokester! I love to laugh and crack people up!  While I may be an introvert, I love to be on stages sharing knowledge in my own animated & goofy way!

Before I learned to let my crazy, true self out, I felt so stifled in the entreprenurial space.  So I broke out of the perverbial box and started to just show up exactly as who I am!

(And YES, glitter is my favorite color!)


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