Warrior Unchained Live September 17, 2022

Live and in person!  Join us for this life and business changing event in Wisconsin Dells, WI.  If you're a female entrepreneur and you are tired of feeling stuck in life or in your business - you're in the right place!  I have packed the stage with powerhouse women who are ready to teach you cutting edge tools and strategies to level up your business and create the life you deserve!

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SLAM Networking


The Missing Piece You Need in Networking -

Learn to have fun when you connect!


Support, Learn, Accelerate, Monetize.

Networking got a facelift with prompts to create deeper connections and an incredible way to track and monetize your networking!





Expert Emporium 

Matching YOU to the Experts YOU NEED!

And in the areas YOU WANT!



The Missing Pieces to leveling Up Your Business

Featuring 10+ experts in sales, marketing, social media marketing, mindset, networking & time management to help you level up your business! 



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It's Me!

You found me!  Before I bore you with the professional mumbo-jumbo - here's who I REALLY am...

I'm a jokester! I love to laugh and crack people up!  While I may be an introvert, I love to be on stages sharing knowledge in my own animated & goofy way!

Before I learned to let my crazy, true self out, I felt so stifled in the entreprenurial space.  So I broke out of the perverbial box and started to just show up exactly as who I am!

(And YES, glitter is my favorite color!)


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How To Sparkle Where The Sun Don't Shine

Have  you ever felt like you won the asshole lottery? Some days you might feel like everywhere you turn you have to deal with yet another asshole! You feel irritated, inconvenienced and stressed! These people have the potential to ruin your entire day! So what can you do about it? How to Sparkle Where The Sun Don't Shine is the perfect how-to guide for learning to stay positive when you're surrounded by assholes. You cannot control the actions of the people around you, but you CAN control your reactions! Yes, this is easier said than done, but when you have a brilliant book like this one to show you how, dealing with assholes is as easy as P.I.E! Not only will you learn what to do when you win the asshole lottery - you will also learn how to implement easy daily tasks to help you get through your day with a positive intention by shifting your FOCUS and designing a happier, more abundant lifestyle! Are you ready to Sparkle Where the Sun Don't Shine?


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