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Networking was her Achilles Heel for far too long.  Because no one ever taught her how to network, Wendy Babcock cringed at the idea.  Everyone just told her to go and build relationships.  But how?  Being an introvert and coming from childhood and domestic abuse, she had no idea how to make new friends or how to build business relationships. 

Each time she had to do a one-on-one networking meeting or networking event - it felt like awkward torture.  

In March of 2021, Wendy created the SLAM Networking Journal, which was a product to help entrepreneurs track their connections.  It also included a question bank, something Wendy had just started to utilize in her own networking to help her get to know her connections better.  These were ice-breaker style questions that people really seemed to love.  This led to Wendy creating her own networking community where she utilized the ice-breaker questions, played games like BINGO and even hosted virtual dance parties.  This is when Wendy realized that this was how she needed to network.  Having fun led to Wendy showing up exactly as who she is and allowed others to do the same which attracted her ideal clients, provided more aligned referrals and greater networking success.  And now, Wendy Babcock is dedicated to inspiring others to try networking differently through SLAM Networking.

Wendy has been featured in the Readers Digest, The Wisconsin State Journal and many TV appearances such as ABC, NBC, Wake Up Wisconsin, Channel 3000, Fox47 and more!

In her personal life, she is a happily married mom of two adult daughters and a fur-mama of two dogs and three cats. Besides avoiding exercise like the plague - she finds enjoyment taking to the ATV trails with her husband on their UTV named "Chuck."  Wendy is an avid prankster and loves inspiring eye-rolls with her quick-fire wit and corny jokes.

She is also a lyricist for the songwriting duo Babcock & Star Songs.  She's been writing since she was about 11 years old and has won many songwriting awards including the VH1 Song of the Year Contest - January 2006 (monthly winner) round in the country category. 


Wendy leads everything she does with heart, compassion, a bit of humor, and kindness.  She hopes to inspire you to do the same!

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