🌟 Discover Your Inner Warrior. Revolutionize Your Business. 


Welcome to the most transformative event of the year for female entrepreneurs in coaching, consulting, speaking and small business.


Dive into two days of intense learning, networking, and empowerment. Prepare to unchain your full potential, shift your mindset, and take your business to unparalleled heights.


More Speaker Announcements coming soon! 


Warrior Unchained Founder & Host

International & TEDx Speaker, Author, and the Paid Stage Speaker Coach.  Wendy has been featured in the Reader's Digest, The Wisconsin State Journal with appearances on major television networks like ABC, NBC, and Fox47!  Wendy is bringing Paid Speaking to the stage! You'll learn how YOU can take your expertise and get on the stages that pay!


Celebrity Speaker

International Hype Girl, Motivational Speaker and Tiktok Superstar. Alethea Crimmins will bring you inspiration, love and her kick-ass voice to help you turn your pain into purpose and struggles into success! Alethea has over 1.6 million TikTok followers and has been featured on the Jennifer Hudson show!


 Alexis is known as the “Queen of Education Based Marketing” because her secret blend of  psychology, sales copywriting, and education-based marketing has helped her clients gross millions of dollars in sales. She has been featured on NBC, Fox News, CBS, Boston Herald, the magazine Think 7 Figures, and more!


Lisa Condon will walk you through Values vs Priorities and how integrating your core values into your life can make major shifts and impact your bottom line in life & business. She is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt, Scrum Master, Certified Scrum Product Owner, and PMP. International Best Selling Author of Stepping Into Gratitude, Lisa is the founder and creator of G.R.A.T.I.T.U.D.E., a proprietary program and catalyst for personal change.


"Busting Imposter Syndrome for Unstoppable Success."  Kate brings her signature combo of wisdom & humor to the Warrior stage this fall to give you the SECRETS to busting imposter syndrome.  What could you accomplish if doubt and fear no longer held you back?  Kate is a Certified Fearless Living Coach, Transformational Educator, and International Speaker with 30 years of experience. Respected for her exceptional experience and listening skills, Kate’s expertise is invaluable in empowering women to STOP Self Sabotaging & Boldly Build Successful Businesses.



Jenna Piche is a time management expert and Full Focus Certified Pro who teaches business owners how to prioritize high leverage work, get shit done and intentionally grow their businesses without sacrificing their health or their most important relationships. Her business, First Light Coaching, helps her clients find clarity, make meaningful progress in less time and repurpose what they save to align their schedule with their values.

Danielle Marggraf

Danielle Marggraf is a leader in the feminine wealth movement. Followed by women worldwide for her inspiring and no-nonsense teaching style, Danielle mixes her spiritual badassery with money and nervous system coach training for women. Using Somatic healing practices to rewire your body for more freedom, fulfillment, and feminine financial flow.




Networking is a strongpoint for Kim. She networks to build relationships with other businesses in her area. It is not always about finding a client. The more relationships she builds, the stronger her network becomes. The stronger the network she has, the more useful she is to those around her.  Kim says she finds pure joy in connecting others, even though she doesn't profit from it! Networking is and will always be collaboration NOT competition for Kim! 



We are welcoming back the hostess with the most-est!  Known as The Adulting Coach, Sara helps motivated young adults figure out for themselves who they want to be when they grow up so that their next steps through college & career fall easily into place to build a successful and fulfilling future!

Sara's the kind of person who lights up the room the moment she steps in – think creativity with a capital 'C', a bundle of positive energy, and fun that just doesn't quit. She's got this superpower of tuning in to every word you say, making you feel like the only person in the room, even when she's wrangling a crowd of hundreds. But here's the real kicker – Sara's not just an MC; she's the friend everyone wishes they had, radiating love and genuine warmth wherever she goes. Get ready to be captivated, inspired, and maybe even a little bit in awe – with Sara at the helm, we're all in for an unforgettable ride!



FRIDAY, SEPT 19, 2024

If you want to level up your experience at Warrior Unchained - attend the VIP Experience. 

-- This is your chance to meet the speakers, rub elbows with other VIPs, and take your networking up a notch!

-- VIP Dinner provided 

-- There will be a VIP Expert Speaker, Kim Knaak, who specializes in Collaboration over Competition and how to network authentically! 

PLUS... Stick around and join us for Karaoke! 


Dive into the heart of collaboration

at Warrior Unchained 2024,

where the spirit of unity ignites new possibilities.


This year, we embrace the powerful theme of COLLABORATE, focusing on fostering deep connections, learning from one another, and building a community where synergy overrides competition. Join us for an unparalleled experience designed for female entrepreneurs, visionary coaches, and impactful speakers ready to transform the landscape of their industries together.

Why Warrior Unchained?

  • Empowerment & Collaboration: At the core of Warrior Unchained is a commitment to empowerment through collaboration. This event is your gateway to forming partnerships that transcend the traditional competitive mindset, opening doors to collective success.

  • Education with a Twist: Beyond the keynotes, immerse yourself in the collaborative learning atmosphere. Engage in discussions, share insights, and explore new perspectives in a setting that values collective wisdom.

  • Mastermind Tables: Elevate your experience with our exclusive after-dinner mastermind tables. Sit down with the expert speakers in an intimate setting, ready to dive deep into your burning questions and explore tailored solutions.

  • Networking Reimagined: Our curated networking sessions are designed to spark meaningful connections. Find your tribe, meet your next business partner, or discover collaborative opportunities in a vibrant community of like-minded warriors.


What's in Store?

  • Inspirational Keynotes with a Collaborative Edge: Be inspired by stories of success born from collaboration. Our speakers are leaders who have thrived by embracing the power of working together, ready to share their journeys and insights.

  • Mastermind Tables: A highlight of this year's event, these sessions offer a unique chance to engage directly with our speakers. Discuss strategies, challenges, and opportunities in a focused, collaborative environment.

  • Dynamic Networking Opportunities: From general networking to structured collaborative sessions, connect with fellow attendees in a variety of engaging formats designed to foster meaningful and productive relationships.  (And don't worry - we won't make you change tables...unless you want to)


Your Invitation to Collaborate

Warrior Unchained 2024 is more than an event; it's a movement towards a future where collaboration leads to unprecedented growth and success. This is your chance to be part of a community that values collective empowerment, where every connection holds the potential for transformation.

🌟 Join Us: Space is limited, and the collaborative spirit is calling. Secure your spot at the Ingleside Hotel, Pewaukee, WI, for an event that promises to be a catalyst for growth, partnership, and success. 

Warrior Unchained 2024: Embrace the Power of Collaboration. Together, We Rise, Build, and Conquer. See you in Pewaukee!

Warrior Unchained:  Afterglow Party 2024

Featuring Suzanne Evans

Suzanne is a mom, wife, sister, entrepreneur, and risk-taker from North Carolina. Her work blends business, strategy, lifestyle, and storytelling in a way that allows people to build businesses that shape the world to be a better place. Along her journey, she has hit the Inc 500/5000 for five straight years and landed #5 on the NY Times Bestseller List. 

We will keep the momentum going with this special Afterglow Party! Prizes, networking, celebrations, and more!  Grab your Warrior Ticket to find out more!