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Complaint Free Business

In 2006, Will Bowen challenged a handful of people to try and break the habit of chronic complaining by going 21-days-in-a-row without uttering a single complaint.

That simple idea exploded into a worldwide movement of more than 13 million followers and has been featured on Oprah, NBC’s Today ShowCBS Sunday Morningthe ABC Evening NewsDr. OzThe Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, People magazine, O magazine, and Chicken Soup for the Soul.

In 2016 Wendy Babcock teamed up with Will Bowen, #1 International Best Selling author and World Authority on Complaining, to help share his message of A Complaint Free World and Complaint Free Business.  Not only is Wendy the only active Certified Complaint Free Speaker in the world - Wendy has also been named the Director of the Complaint Free Trainers Program.   

Wendy has gone on to become an International Speaker as well as a TEDx speaker.  Wendy provides an engaging and transformative speeches either live-on-stage or virtual-on-screen.

Hire Wendy and not only will your team give her 5 stars, they’ll still be singing Wendy's praises (and yours) six months after your event.

The Missing Piece in Networking

Ever wonder why ice-breaker questions are often used to help people get to know each other better? 

It's because people want to be seen, heard and acknowledged.  What better way than to share something about their personality or person life?  

During the pandemic, Wendy Babcock discovered a missing piece in her business networking.  It was all about the business and not about WHO was behind the business! 

Learn HOW to show up more authentically - yes quirks an sense of humor and all!  

Learn WHY showing up authentically helps not only narrow in on your ideal client/customer, but also expands it at the same time! 

Learn HOW to track your connections and how it's affecting your ROI! 

Wendy brings humor, relatability and FUN into networking!  

Want more affective, aligned and effective referrals?  

You need Wendy's SLAM Networking Method!

Kindess & Dreaming BIG