Want to take your business to the next level?

Do you feel like no matter how much you network, you just cannot seem to reach enough people? 

Not only that, do you feel like you aren't reaching the "right" people?  The people who need what you have?

Have you been thinking about sharing your expertise on a larger scale? Imagine how many more people you could impact with your incredible message from a stage!  You get to be front and center and have everyone's undivided attention. Not only that...they cannot wait to talk to you when you get off the stage!

You've probably even looked into how to book speaking engagements.  There is a lot of information out there!  But where do you start?  

There are so many questions - 

  • How do I create a talk?
  • How much do I charge? 
  • Do I speak for free?
  • How do I get booked?
  • Should I do a TEDx?  And how do I even do that?
  • Do I need a website?  A speaker one-sheet?
  • What's a CRM and do I need one?
  • What should I say in an email to get booked? 
  • What should I wear on stage?
  • Do I need a speaker reel and testimonials?  How can I get those if I haven't been booked yet?

-- and so many more questions.  So where do you start??  

Well...You're in the RIGHT PLACE! Keep reading -

It's Time To Take Your Knowledge To The Stage!

Reach MORE people.  Create MORE sales. GROW your network exponentially.



Profit Up: 

On Stage

6-Month Speaker Training

Learn all the ins and outs of the speaking business with International & TEDx Speaker, Wendy Babcock

Learn all the key tools you need to craft an amazing presentation, find and book speaking engagements, and look and feel confident on stage.

Wendy will teach you how to:

  • Create your message that speaks to your specific audience
  • Navigate the behind the scenes aspects of a speaking career like your CRM, website, and emails.
  • Present yourself with confidence to look and feel like a pro on stage.

The speaking industry is so much more than getting up on a stage and talking for an hour.   Unless you're a celebrity - finding and booking speaking engagements is 99% of the work you'll do. 

Having an incredible message, a professional stage presence and knowing how to navigate conversations with event coordinators is exactly what you'll learn in this 6-month coaching program.

It’s time to level up your business like never before.


Get to know yourself and what you want to teach the world.  Start learning the basics of crafting your presentation.


Putting what you've learned into action.  You'll create your outline, your rough draft and first draft of your presentation.  You'll practice and get constructive feedback.


Start working on the final touches and practice, practice, practice! You'll start learning about where to look for speaking engagements.


Now comes the hard part - the behind the scenes work.  Learn about your CRM, website, emailing and contacting potential events to speak at.


Learn how to pitch yourself like a pro.  You'll also learn the different ways to make money as a speaker. Also learn about speaking virtually and get your space set up to impress! 


Putting it all into action. Learn everything from looking for gigs to what to do during and after. Step on the virtual stage and give your presentation!  BONUS: Learn about getting on a TEDx stage!




Put the techniques you learn into practice during group coaching sessions. This is a safe place where everyone is working on their own speaking journey.

Group Coaching is ideal for people like you wanting to learn to look and feel more confident on stages.  It provides a platform where someone else might ask a question you are too nervous to ask at first.  Group coaching also provides amazing networking opportunities.  You will get to cheer on your peers and learn and grow together! 

We can’t wait to connect and grow with you!



Most people would describe me as a goofball, someone who enjoys making others laugh and someone who truly just loves to create a happier environment for everyone around me.

I had no idea where life would take me when I began this journey.  Quitting my full-time, 20+ year career in the medical field to pursue a new profession in the speaking arena came with huge pitfalls and also wonderful success. 

I'm just a regular person like you.  I have a family I love, pets that run my life (LOL) and a passion for helping others.  Speaking gives me the platform I need to reach more people while building the life I never imagined I'd be blessed to live.

I was fortunate enough to learn from one of the best - Will Bowen.  Will is a world-renowned celebrity speaker who has traveled the world speaking to millions of people (A Complaint Free World).  Will took me under his wing and taught me everything I needed to know to become an incredible speaker. I took his lessons to heart and ran full speed at my new career. Now, when companies can't afford Will's celebrity pricetag - he is so confident in my speaking abilities that he refers them to me.

I've gained so many valuable insights along the way and I want to help  YOU get your journey started.  I'm no expert or full-of-myself guru in the speaking world - but I have a lot of knowledge to share that I feel will help you be succesful.