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Day 4: The migraine from hell

Mar 04, 2022

Before we get into how my day is going, let’s focus on something super adorable and sweet - Dexter. He was all cozy on the couch last night snoozing away when I snapped this photo… 

Here’s the thing…

I know better.  I know better than to indulge in super sugary foods. But sometimes I tend to forget the consequences when I decide to over indulge in sweets, namely Swedish Fish marshmallows, which are nothing more than red, fish-shaped Peeps, beautifully delicious and coated in sugar. 

Yesterday Brian and I made the decision to start the Whole30 nutrition plan. I ordered the hard cover book, which will be here today and we said we would get started right away today.  Last night, however, I was caught myself thinking about the moment of weakness I had at Walmart when I dropped the bag of Swedish Fish marshmallows into the cart.  For some reason, I hate the thought of wasting food and I talk myself into having to go consume shitty food just so I don’t “waste it” - especially just before starting a new diet. 

There was just under half the bag left when I grabbed it around 10 pm last night.  We were relaxing and watching The Closer so I was mindlessly shoving these sugar coated marshmallows into my face. Suddenly I realized there was only one left, so of course I had to finish it off. 

I awoke with a throbbing pain between my eyes that wrapped around my head and down the back of my neck.  I felt almost immediately nauseous as I sat up in bed. 

“Oh shit, this is a bad one.” I thought to myself as I decided to lay back down and place my pillow over my eyes and forehead.  

I knew immediately why this was happening - those damned marshmallows! I was angry with myself because I know better. 

After about 15 minutes of trying to find even a remotely comfortable way to press the pillow over my head - I realized I needed to take something or this was going to get out of control.  I got up and walked past both Dexter & Vinnie who almost immediately rolled over for their morning belly rubs. I felt instant guilt as I just had to get to the kitchen to grab the bottle of meds out of the cupboard. (Side note: does anyone else keep their meds in the kitchen or is it just me? Lol I’ve always done that). 

I downed two pills and decided maybe sitting up would help along with some caffeine. I poured a cup of black coffee and plopped down in my recliner and started rubbing my forehead and temples. 

It didn’t take long to realize none of this was helping and my head felt like it was trying to implode.  So I went back to bed.  It didn’t take long before the nausea was almost worse than the migraine.  I would choose pain over nausea any day!  I got back up and went back out to the kitchen to grab a piece of ginger gum I keep on hand to help combat nausea. I also realized today this damn migraine was in it for the long haul so I grabbed my phone and canceled all three appointments I had.  I truly hate having to do this, but I also know that even when the migraine finally subsides that I’m going to feel completely wiped out.  And I never want to do a networking session not feeling my best. I feel that’s unfair to the person I’m meeting with.  Thankfully my network has always been so kind and understanding. 

I fought with the nausea and managed to not throw up. After a few hours of sitting up, laying down, pacing, and trying to massage my head - I was starting to feel the migraine slowly fade.  

Saltines and coffee were the next step. The nausea was definitely better but not completely gone.  Nibbling crackers tends to fix the nausea at this point.  Coffee then helps with the last bit of migraine that is left.

As I sit here and type this out on my phone, I’m still in my nightgown & slippers, wrapped in a blanket on my recliner. My black cat Capone is sitting on the arm of the recliner dutifully as I’m sure he’s trying to heal me through his stares.  I have a twinge of a headache left and the nausea is now gone.  I’m feeling wiped of energy and will likely go back to bed for a couple hour nap. 

This is definitely not how I had planned for this day to go.  And I’m also thinking - I will NEVER eat another Peep or Swedish Fish marshmallow ever again! (Although I think we both know that’s a lie 😂). 

I’m looking forward to doing the Whole30 plan over the next 30 days, which means absolutely NO marshmallows. And right now, I know I can make this work because after today’s  doozy of a migraine, it’ll definitely be a while before I reach for anything with a lot of sugar. 

I think it’s time for a nap. Thanks for stopping by! 


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