Networking needs a facelift!


It should be fun without leaving you drained or feeling awkward.

Wouldn't it be great to have a place

to keep all your networking connections

to look back on and followup or give referrals?

That's why I created the first-ever

SLAM Networking Journal!

Yes! I want a PINK SLAM Journal
Yes! I want a BLACK SLAM Journal
Does video networking drive you a little crazy and drain your energy?


 Do you feel the conversations can get to be one-sided so you don't truly feel like you get to know the other person or maybe you don't get to show your true self? 
How about those short awkward pauses in the conversation that are super cringeworthy because neither of you knows what to say next? 

Yikes! I hear ya! That's totally me too!  


Networking & coffee connections can be…

:( Awkward, Weird & Uncomfortable

:( Intimidating & scary


:( Stressful

:( Ineffective.


And if you’re an Introvert…


 … Networking can actually feel painful & like it’s draining the life out of you!

 Not with SLAM!

 When you use the SLAM Method in your networking, you can make REAL, natural, & lasting connections with other entrepreneurs!


Because SLAM makes networking easy, enjoyable & effective for introverts!

(Hey… Introverts can have fun too!)

Using SLAM in your networking helps you to:

:) Ditch the pitch & connect on a human level.

:) Find you fellow weirdos.

:) Look forward to laughing while networking!

:) Show up feeling prepared, organized and confident.

:) Drop the “perfect entrepreneur act” & show up as your true self.

:) Build lasting business relationships you can count on. 

:) Turn connections into clients & referrals. 

Ok… So what is SLAM?


Support: SLAM helps you to show up prepared & with the right intention to better support & serve others.  Because you know the other person’s unique needs, who they are and their ideal client, you can support them on a higher level.   


Learn: SLAM helps stoke your curiosity & eagerness to learn about the other person, as a REAL person, their personality, their quirks, their likes, dislikes, and about their business (even create some inside jokes!).   When you truly KNOW someone, you are far more likely to help do business with, refer & support someone that you truly know & like (because who doesn’t help their friends!)


Accelerate: You dramatically accelerate your business when you provide value & help others.  We all naturally want to reciprocate & help those who help us! 

BONUS: When you use SLAM to show your true authentic self, and they get to know, like and trust you, they will be far more likely to refer & do business with you vs the same old stiffs they network with.  


Monetize: If your networking isn’t making you money, then why are you doing it?!  The SLAM method helps you to track & monitor how effective your networking is and what people/ opportunities to follow up on.  SLAM will help you to see where your highest networking ROI is coming from (aka which networking groups are worth the investment), and how you can monetize your networking more. 


SLAM Networking helps you ask interesting, fun & meaningful questions when networking so you & the other person get to know each other as real people…

… not just as business professionals.


With your SLAM journal, you’re prepared to “break the ice” by asking questions about them first, and then dive into details about their business and how/if you can collaborate. 


Now you can keep track of all your networking connections... 

Ask and use questions from the Question Bank, and have an amazing way to build a relationship that doesn't feel phony or shallow!

Plus, when you follow up - you'll have all their answers to the questions to lead with a great personal sentiment.



SLAM Networking Neighborhood

We are a community! If you like to add FUN into everything you do... If you enjoy BINGO & Dancing... If you enjoy connecting with othe like-minded entrepreneurs on a deeper level - 

The SLAM Networking Neighborhood might be exactly what you need! And YOU are the missing piece we need in the community!