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When the world’s on fire… 

… and you’re hesitant to hire the BIG price tag experts...

… how do you build a profitable & sustainable business?

YOU have to learn it!!


And hey…
There ain’t no shame in DIY sometimes!   (Anyone saying otherwise is selling you something)

Pretty much every business owner had to start learning & doing things on their own.  Once they got their profit up, then they hired the big, fancy & expensive coach or expert to do it for them. 


When time is already tight…

… how do you find the RIGHT info from the RIGHT people?

The Profit Up Summit is the place to be!


The Profit Up Summit will show you...

 how to build a profitable business from the ground UP!  (Despite any crazy world events!)
how to keep your momentum going to have a sustainable, long-lasting business.

Speaking of crazy world events…

We knew that because of the pandemic, there are a lot of new & struggling business owners that need help - and need it FAST!


So we created the Profit Up Summit to be a place of education, hope, refuge, and a launching pad so you could
show up, build up, and level up your business!

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Meet Your Host

Wendy Babcock is a “collector of titles”  -  TEDx Speaker,  Author, Podcast Host (Profit Up Chuck), Humorist and founder of SLAM Networking - More YOU, less stress, focused referrals & greater success!

Wendy has been a business owner and entrepreneur since 2009 and has had many different adventures along the way.

 For the first few years, she was a full-blown H.B.O. (Half-assed Business Owner).  She duct-taped websites and lead pages together to the best of her knowledge, created sub-par content, and just barely limped her way to the finish line of her first profit. 

In looking back she realized she could have done so much more...so much sooner had she had the tools and strategies she needed. 

That was how Profit Up was born!  She gathered the greatest minds (some a little crazier than others lol) together and decided to bring the experts right to you! 

Wendy has been featured in the Readers Digest, The Wisconsin State Journal, and many TV appearances such as ABC, NBC, Wake Up Wisconsin, Channel 3000, Fox47, and more!   

During the Profit Up Summit, you’ll learn the MUST DO business building fundamentals from top leading experts:

Abby Waters

Getting Back to The Basics

5 Ways to improve "people" interactions in your business. 

  • Learn quick tips for reading people and building rapport with ideal customers
  •  Adjust your communication style to sell and close a deal
  • Gain trust and build credibility by understanding the universal language of others

Carolyn Bishop

The 5 Essential Elements to Maintain Balance in Your Life & Grow a 6-Figure Business!

  • You'll walk away knowing exactly how to redesign your days for more freedom
  • You'll enjoy peace of mind that comes from a simplified plan you can implement right away
  • You'll be able to increase your profits quickly while decreasing stress

Gwen Krivola

8 Tips for Building Confidence in Sales

  •     Develop a positive mindset about ‘sales’ 
  •     Propose your product/service with confidence
  •     Eliminate traps that will kill a sale
  •     Specific steps you can take to increase sales
  •     Finally overcome the fear of rejection

Cynthia Riggs

One Page Business Plan

  • The One Page Business Plan® is a tool for building your business with care and intention.
  • Your one page plan is a living, breathing document that will partner with you through the ebbs and flows of business growth.
    Hold yourself accountable while allowing shift and change to guide your path.
  • Increase your commitment and track your progress.

Lisa Condon

The Process of Gratitude

  • How practicing gratitude will change your business
  • How to dene and develop your gratitude style through value systems
  • How gratitude can implement boundaries

Sharon Ringier

5 Goal-Setting Strategies For Creative Entrepreneurs

  • 1 big mistake creative entrepreneurs make when trying to "visualize" their goals
             - and what to do instead.
  • 5 creative techniques guaranteed to give you more confidence around going after your goals
             - no matter if you’re struggling to set goals, reach them, or both!
  • How to keep your goals front and center all year long -- so you can consistently feel inspired to do, be and have whatever you want!

Tina Palmgren

3 Secrets to STOP Wasting Time and Money

  • Errors
  • Re-keying Data
  • Repetitive Tasks

Valerie Fischer

PRIME Framework of Brain Science Selling

How you can use this for sales and marketing.

  • Priming
  • Rapport
  • Intent
  • Meta and Milton
  • Emotion

Wendy Babcock

Taking the work out of Networking 

  • Know WHY you’re networking 
  • Being authentically YOU
  • Tracking & monetizing your connections

Who Is The Profit Up Summit Perfect For?


This summit is perfect for you if...

  • You’re a struggling OR brand new business owner/ entrepreneur.

  • You have a LIFE SUCKING job and desperately want to quit, but need to learn how to make your business work!

  • You’re heart-driven (but always results-driven!)

  • You don’t know WHAT to focus on WHEN in your business. 

  • You get easily distracted and have the shiny object... ...SQUIRREL…. syndrome.

  • You procrastinate or half-ass doing important tasks because you don’t know HOW.

  • You need things done for your biz but aren’t able to hire a VA or expert… yet. 

  • You want someone to SHOW YOU HOW to do it, not do it for you.

  • You need to learn but don’t have the time to find the RIGHT info and the RIGHT people to teach you!

  • You’re a smart, capable, driven, independent, DIY kinda chick, that’s willing to learn…  

(and maybe even a little bit of a control freak that likes to put their own touch on things)


  • At night you “SHOULD all over yourself”... beating yourself up about what you should have gotten done that day.

  • You’re frustrated… lonely... feel unsupported… even feel selfish at times for wanting to pursue your dreams - knowing the sacrifices that come with it.

  • You feel like a fraud, pretending to be someone you aren’t.

  • You think you’re letting your kids down because you can’t give them more.

  • The guilt of your spouse's financial support is killing you!


And the BIG one…


… If you’ve got BUSINESS BIPOLAR: 

One day you’re on cloud 9, feeling confident, full of hope, and know that you CAN do this… 


… The next day you feel depressed, angry, and debate getting a job & think maybe you’re just fooling yourself.


If even 5 or 6 of those sound like you, the Profit Up Summit is the place to be!


THE DETAILS (aka, the deets)

WHEN: Friday, October 15th, 2021 
From 10:00am - 4:00pm Central


WHERE: Online! (via Zoom)  So it’s in the comfort of wherever you are!

(But please still wear pants)


WHAT TO EXPECT:  To be jolted awake!  This is not a virtual snooze fest!

This event is an experience where you will be WORKING, doing exercises, and implementing what you learn.


If you’re looking to be lulled to sleep by monotone speakers so you can take a nap & feel productive at the same time… this isn’t the event for you.


WHAT TO WEAR: This is a business event.  Dress to impress!  You never know who you’ll meet.


WILL THERE BE RIMO?:  Yes.  "Regret I missed Out" is real.  You know, it's happened before.  You're hesitant to invest the time, you move on, then you hear all about it later, and BAM...RIMO.


Profit Up Summit



  • Your Live Seat
  • All the notes you can take
  • Special opportunities from your speakers


Get real-time, right now best practices for your business growth TODAY! 

  • your personal one-day business course
  • actionable steps to grow your biz & life!
  • networking opportunities with like-minded attendees!






The VIP Experience


Profit Up Summit Course

  • Your Live Seat
  • Recordings of each presentation
  • All the speaker notes
  • Exclusive gifts from your speakers


  • Wendy Babcock's Downloadable Ebook, The Ultimate Networking Guide for Women
  • Bonus GIFT:  Free 30 Days to the SLAM Networking Neighborhood


  • Exclusive Access to the VIP Speaker Stage after the Summit

Get real-time advice and answers to all your business questions!



Pre-recorded Presentations from these highly respected and sought out experts! 

* Access only available to VIP ticket holders *

  • Tamira Hamilton - Social Media
    • Conversation is the new lead
      *Build Your Audience
      *Engage to create Conversation
      *Make An Aligned Offer
  • Vince Warnock - Marketing & Speaking 
    • Your Entrepreneurial Superpower - Vulnerability
      - How being vulnerable affects the brain of potential clients
      - The role vulnerability plays in Neuro-Marketing
      - Breaking some myths and fears about vulnerability
  • Alexis Caldicott - Marketing Secrets
    • Marketing Secrets to Fill Your Calendar With 67% More Clients!
  •  Michelle Teague - Sales 
    • How belief affects your results
    • How to identify ideal clients
    • Why relationships matter
    • 3 questions to ask in every deal
    • The importance of persistence
  • Jessica Rowe - Mental Health
    • Taking care of YOU is just as important as taking care of business!
  • Ari Krzyzek - Digital Branding / Marketing 
    • Understand the right target audience for your brand and website and how your product/service can help them
    • Leverage user journey map to create connections and experiences for your users
    • Identify touch points on your website for better conversions online


These industry leaders have curated VIP content just for YOU!  If you want the most up-to-date industry secrets and strategies - You won't want to miss out on the VIP experience! 

We crafted all their content into a unique and convenient VIP "course" that you will have lifetime access to!  AND...each VIP Speaker has a special gift just...for...YOU! 

Click on their names above (in pink) to visit their websites.  Be prepared to be impressed!