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As women, we all have that inner "mama bear" when it comes to the people we love in our lives.  We would jump in front of a moving truck for them.  We would sacrifice our time to make sure they are happy.  If someone hurts someone we love, look out! Mama Bear is coming after them!


But when do we look out for ourselves?  When do we make sacrifices for our own happiness?  Would you jump in front of a moving truck to protect your business and your lifestyle? 
Warrior Unchained is about helping you - Unchain your passion, your purpose & your potential!  

I like to think of that "mama bear" as more of an internal warrior.  We have kept that little warrior chained up inside of ourselves for far too long.  We need to unchain our inner warrior to go to bat for our business and for the life we dream of.   You would do it for everyone else... why not do it for YOU?  

Warrior Unchained is a live event for women to learn to take charge of their business and their lives.  

Learn key strategies to build the business that will amplify what you want out of life. 

Be inspired by women who have blazed the trail who are ready to share how they did it with YOU! 

Get ready to UNCHAIN your inner WARRIOR and attend this immersive live event that will change your life! 



Topics we will cover - 

  • Marketing & Content Creation
  • Creating your perfect pitch & bio
  • Sales (Yes, it's okay to sell)
  • Networking Authentically
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Mental Health Support & Understanding Emotional Intelligence


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Warrior Unchained: Live

Warrior Unchained: Live brings a perfect balance between professional and personal development for female entrepreneurs focusing on areas such as marketing, content creation, sales, social media marketing, time management, mindset, networking, and mental health and emotional intelligence.


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Who is this for?

Warrior Unchained: Live is for female entrepreneurs looking to build their business with cutting edge strategies and tools as well as wanting inspiration for living their best lives.

If you are a woman who is tired of going it alone, who could use some fun, some incredible business strategies and maybe some hugs... this event is for you!

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  • Help create the premier professional development event for the women of Wisconsin
    Support personal and professional development for a diverse group of women, from new professionals to seasoned entrepreneurs.
  • Gain visibility for your leaders and brand
    Exposure to our engaged community of female entrepreneurs continues year-round through the conference website, on-site signage, and a comprehensive digital marketing campaign including e-mail, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social channels.
  • Inspire women to continue to thrive in business
    Your sponsorship shows the women who attend how dedicated your business is to making sure they are provided with the resources they need to help level up their business.  When women know who supports them ... they support them in return!

About your host

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Wendy Babcock 

As an International and TEDx Speaker, Author, Podcast Host, Humorist and founder of SLAM Networking and the Kindness Bucket Brigade,  Wendy Babcock has been featured in the Reader’s Digest, The Wisconsin State Journal and many TV appearances such as ABC, NBC, Wake Up Wisconsin, Channel 3000, & Fox47. 

 In 2017, Wendy left her full-time job at a local hospital to begin her speaking career when she joined forces with Will Bowen, the founder of the Complaint Free World movement.  With comprehensive training through World-Renowned Speaker and #1 Best Selling International author Will Bowen, Wendy earned her title of Certified Complaint Free Trainer.  Wendy shares the Complaint Free message with schools, associations, businesses, corporations, conferences and other events, as well as within her own community.

 In 2019, the Kindness Bucket Brigade, founded by Mrs. Babcock took root on social media. What started as a simple idea to stop online bullying by bringing more kindness into the world soon became a worldwide movement that landed Wendy on the TEDxFonddulac stage. 

 And when the world suddenly went virtual at the onset of the pandemic in 2020, Wendy found herself not only speaking virtually, but also building her network virtually.  Discovering that virtual networking became a thorn in her side due to the surface level conversations and lacking real authentic relationships - Wendy took it upon herself to connect differently, creating SLAM Networking.  Wendy’s SLAM method helps entrepreneurs connect authentically through ice-breaker style questions and by cultivating positive and fun experiences to help entrepreneurs break out of their shell and show up as exactly who they are. 

 Wendy Babcock is a dynamic and humorous speaker inspiring audiences around the world to become complaint free, to be kinder to one another, to connect authentically and above all…have fun.

When you can SEE the connections, the fun, and the fully immersive experience - you know you're in the right place!

Check out this video recap from the first Warrior Unchained: Live event in Wisconsin Dells.  The original event was 3 days, but we found it was such an emotional experience, most of us were completely drained by day three.   Because I want you to feel energized, engaged and ready to implement what you've learned, I have condensed this event into one full day! 


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Event FAQs

This is THE life changing event you won't want to miss! 
Check out highlights from the original Warrior Unchained: Live 2019

Come make new amazing memories with us! 

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This is the tentative schedule-
  • 9:00 - Registration / Vendor Shopping Time
  • 10:00 - Welcome (WENDY BABCOCK)  / Introduction to Warrior Unchained
  • 10:30 - Networking activity 
  • 11:00 - SPEAKER 1 - LISA RAEBEL
  • NOON - Provided Lunch Buffet / Vendor Shopping Time / Networking
  • 1:00 -  Entertainment
  • 1:30 - SPEAKER 3 - ABBY WATERS
  • 2:45 - Dance break / bio break / Vendor Shopping Time
  • 4:50 - Conclusion of speakers / Thank You
  • 5:00 -  Dinner Buffet / Vendor Shopping Time
  • 6:00 - 9:00 Dance Party



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