PAID Speaking Bootcamp: MAY

MAY 1-3, 2024

11:00-2:00 central each day

Build a Profitable Speaking Business

Get Paid EVERY TIME You Step On a Stage!



  • It doesn't matter if there are 5 people or 500 people in the audience
  • It doesn't matter if you don't have programs, books, products or services to sell
  • It doesn't matter if you're not a celebrity or well known

You'll ALWAYS get paid for speaking without the pressure of selling!

Are you ready to share your expertise at a whole new level?

This 3-day intenstive, no BS, no fluff bootcamp will help you shift your mindset and your knowledge to craft the talk that will get you paid! 

  • Write your talk in real time with Wendy's guidance
  • Present your talk to the group
  • Get footage for your sizzle real along with real testimonials!
  • BONUS: Learn WHERE to find and HOW to book speaking gigs!

With a simple shift in your mindset and the tools and strategies Wendy will teach you, get ready to take the stage and collect a paycheck!

This is a 6 month coaching program compressed into 3 intensive, deep-dive-style days where you'll learn everything you need to build a profitable speaking business! 

$1,497.00 USD