What if there was an easier way to build your dream business?  
What if you didn't "have to" spend tens of thousands of dollars on coaching?  
What if you had access to all the experts you will need in one place? 


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You're tired of going in circles and struggling to get your business off the ground.

Do you feel like all you do is work around the clock but don’t accomplish much?

We've assembled all the experts in one place

    • Sales
    • Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Networking
    • Time Management
    • Mindset 
  • Gain access to each expert - no more google searches!
  • Dive deeper into a subject that needs your most attention in this self-paced course!



What if you could build a profitable & sustainable business without struggling for years to figure it out?

You've made the leap and decided it's your turn. 
Making the decision and acting on it (or taking the first steps) is the scariest part. 

But it's NOT the hardest part. 
You now have a ton of micro-decisions to make along the way.  
Heck, there are decisions you don't even know you need to make!  

You can go it alone or hire a super expensive business coach who simply tells you what to do and waits till next time while you continue to struggle to get these things complete. 

But, when you're just starting to gain some momentum in your business, the cost of hiring a coach...Not. Even. An. Option!



There ain’t no shame in DIY!  But sometimes, a little help and support go a loooong way!

Pretty much every business owner had to start learning & doing things on their own.
Once they got their profit up, then they hired the big, fancy & expensive coach or expert to do it for them.


For the first few years, I was a full-blown H.B.O. (Half-assed Business Owner).

I duct-taped websites and lead pages together to the best of my knowledge, created sub-par content, and just barely limped my way to the finish line of my first profit.
Looking back I realized I could have done so much more...
so much sooner had I known then what I know now. 

Now, with Profit Up Foundations Academy YOU will have access to
all of the strategies that get you to
your goals and dreams faster, without all the obstacles and uncertainty.


What if everything you needed to learn and do to create a successful business was all in one convenient place?

Hi, I'm Wendy

As a Communication Strategist, TEDx Speaker, Certified Complaint Free Trainer, Author, Podcast Host (Profit Up Chuck), Founder of SLAM Networking and the Kindness Bucket Brigade - I can safely say, I've been through it all.  

Building a brand, business, and family all at the same time is a huge undertaking and I am so proud to be helping others "get there" fast, with confidence, and support.  

I guide with heart, compassion, a bit of humor, and kindness.  

You don't have to GO IT ALONE

Support, tools, and guidance to show up, build up, and level up your business faster than you thought possible.

Half-assed business strategy is no strategy

I did it!  And you can too.  Our team will take you through step by step the whole way!

All the tools and guidance

you need to build a profitable & sustainable business from the ground UP! 



Your Expert Emporium

Imagine being able to figure out your learning style and personality type so you could be matched to
the perfect experts for your needs!
Think of all the time and money you’d save by not investing in the wrong programs and experts!

All the foundational skills you need from multiple experts...

Social Media

Build lasting customer relationships and repeat business.



Your conscious and subconscious thoughts can either drive success or hinder it.  Learn how to increase your positive mindset in all aspects of your life.  

Time Management

When it comes to running your small business, every second of your day has a price tag attached to it.


"Sales" isn't a dirty word!  Embracing a sales process and fine-tuning your skills go a long way to feel good about the conversation.

Relationship Building

A fundamental business skill that is the basis for reputation, influencing, closing deals, and sustaining commercial relationships.


Identify customers for your company’s products or services as well as how to successfully sell to that audience.



PLUS:  Bonus Experts & Content

Then, there are the unique, quirky, and specialized areas that are added in our BONUS section.  Such as bookkeeping, public speaking advice, and anything that we just know will improve your life, your business, and your bottom line!


Profit Up Emporium is about you and your growth.


You decide on your most important goals and on your area of need.

We provide a diverse group of proven experts that give you the strategy, success tips, tools, and inspiration to move your business forward with confidence!  

No more second-guessing, wasted time, and money! 


Here’s how that happens.


All the tools and strategies you need from the right experts for YOU... and walk out a superstar of the entrepreneurial world!

Your emporium portal is crafted especially for YOU using a DISC Assessment.  We will use your result to help match you with experts in the program.  Our mission is to align you with the experts you need.

In each category, you’ll have plenty of time to focus on and strategize what’s most pressing in your business right now — You'll take a peek at the content and bios of each expert, as well as their teaching style (nurturing/empathetic/motivational; direct, no BS; or a combination of nurturing but direct)

In each of the 6 categories, you’ll be armed with new thinking and tools PLUS
 concrete action steps to implement in your business. The focus you will have in each category of your business will move things forward.  

In each business module, you change the way you do things, the way you think, and the way you see yourself and your business. Your results improve, your freedom increases, and your opportunities expand.

All the tools and strategies you need from the right experts for YOU... and walk out a superstar of the entrepreneurial world!

Think of all the time and money you’d save by NOT investing in the wrong programs and experts!

Profit Up Expert Emporium

$1,497.00 USD

Imagine a mall (an emporium) where you could get all the foundational skills you needed for your business from multiple experts in each of those categories...

Now imagine being able to be matched to the perfect experts for your needs!

Making the decision to hire a business coach is awesome!

      ↪  Which area of expertise do you need the most help with?

      ↪  What personality do you connect most with?

      ↪  Do you want step-by-step instructions or a collaborative approach?

Choosing wrong in any of the above pieces will be costly! Even if you do choose correctly, what about all the other categories you will need help with down the road as your business evolves?

Top coaching programs are on average 3,500 per category! And that's just for 6-8 weeks!